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Pixie Lite by Tressallure NEW STYLE & FIBER!

Pixie Lite by Tressallure NEW STYLE & FIBER!

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Product Code: MC1418
Color Shown: 14/26/R10
Available in Look Fabulous Realistic® Style-Able Lite Synthetic Fiber
Mono Top Ear to Ear Lace Front

A Perfect Wig Does Not Need a Lot of Hair!

What Is It?

Just the right amount of low-density hair that’s amazingly light, comfortable, bold, and stylish. Close-cropped sides, a short, tapered back, and longer layers on top with perfect hand-knotting for an undetectable hair line with complete coverage and volume, but no bulk or weight because A Perfect Wig Does Not Need a Lot of Hair!

Who’s It For?

Anyone who wants to make a bold statement and express their individual style with a wig that is super easy to maintain.

Why is it different?

Made with Look Fabulous Realistic® synthetic fiber that is style-able and 40% lighter than any other synthetic fibers and manages easily without tangling or frizzing and is easy to maintain.

What You Get

Style-Able Realistic synthetic is 40% lighter than other synthetic fibers. It perfectly replicates the density, feel, and look of fine human hair and can be straightened or curled. You can apply heat up to 320º F (180º C) with a flat iron, curling iron or hot rollers. Complete care instructions and a matching wig cap come with all TressAllure® wigs.

Synthetic hair that is smooth, silky, and gorgeous? Absolutely!

Look Fabulous Realistic® Style-Able Lite Synthetic Fiber: Feels like, looks like, wears like perfect salon-cut hair.

Full-Array of Colors: TressAllure TressDimensional® Colors feature warm brunettes, cool blondes, radiant reds, and gorgeous greys.

TressAllure Quality Assurance: TressAllure uses only the finest soft pliable cap materials and our Look Fabulous Realistic® Lite Style-Able Synthetic Fiber for a product that will continue to look beautiful after multiple washings. Care instructions are included with every TressAllure® wig and extension.

TressAllure After Care products recommended for optimal results.

Size Average: 21½˝
Hair Length: Front 5¾˝
Weight: 2.2 oz.


This wig is marked as an average cap.  Keep in mind that despite the average label, caps can fit different people, differently.  Please review return policy & ask questions prior to purchasing. 

This wig is potentially a drop-ship item. "Drop Ship" items ship directly from the manufacturer, not from our warehouse, and may require a longer processing time. 

Some colors may be out of stock in certain styles. If you’d like to confirm your color is in stock prior to placing your order, please email 

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