Tia Maria Wigs Return Policy

Finding the right helper hair online can at times be challenging. We understand that sometimes wigs don't look as you anticipated, the fit is off, or the color is not quite right. We value you as a part of our wig community by offering returns on eligible items. Use this checklist to ensure a smooth return. All elements must be checked off to be eligible for a return.

Return Checklist

  • Have I reviewed the return policies & eligible guidelines (found below)?
  • If my return unworn, untampered with, tags attached, AND free of odors?
  • Does my return meet ALL of the eligibility criteria?
  • Have I completed the Return Request form (found below) within 7 days of the wig delivery?
  • Have I received a Return Request Authorization?
  • Have I repacked my return exactly as I received it, in/with ALL original packaging including the box, the tissue paper (inside & around the wig), the netting, & any inserts?
  • Is my return being shopped to the correct address within 20 days?

Checklist Specifics

  • Timeframe/Deadlines
    • Customers are allowed up to 4 returns within a calendar year. You have 7 calendar days from the delivery date (indicated by the tracking) to request a refund.  Refunds requested after will not be accepted.  If you believe your piece to be defective, please see the Defective Items Policy (found below), as the criteria and timelines differ from returns.
    • To request a return, please complete the Return Request Form located below. This request must be made within 7 days of delivery.  Returns must have a shipping postal date no more than 20 days from the original delivery date. If your return is shipped after this date, it automatically becomes an unauthorized return.
    • Please do not return unauthorized returns or items without a Return Authorization as they will not be credited or returned to you. Please review ALL return guidelines to avoid this scenario.
  • Return Details
    • Tia Maria Wigs does not offer exchanges or refunds however, when you return your wig, you will receive a digital gift card/store credit.  Digital Gift Cards/Store Credits are issued to the email address on file for your order. You can use this credit towards your next purchase.  Gift card/store credit expires automatically after 1 year and cannot be reissued after that date.  If you misplace your gift card/store credit code, please email: orders@tmwigs.com to retrieve it.
    • There is a 15% return processing & restocking fee per item returned. Shipping costs and taxes are NONREFUNDABLE. Please note that any discounts are codes used in the original purchase are not transferable.  Returns can take up to 14 business days to process.
  • Return Eligibility
    • To be eligible to request a return the item must be brand new & UNWORN. Tags must be attached, and ALL of the original packaging must be included. This consists of the original box or package, tissue paper inside and around the wig, the netting, stock cards, labels, & any inserts.  Please utilize any wig cap provided to try on your wig to keep them clean & free of odors. Nylon wig caps do not need to be returned.
    • IMPORTANT: Brand new and UNWORN means that the wig has not been altered in any way. This includes, but is not limited to:
      • changing or adjusting the factory part
      • shaking out the wig
      • brushing or combing
      • adding any styling products
      • cutting lace (if applicable)
    • Please note: I am extremely sensitive to smells and wigs can pick them up easily. Wigs that are returned with distinct odors of smoke, perfumes, styling products, food, etc. will not be accepted.
    • The following items are NOT eligible for returns:
      • Orders placed containing multiple pieces of the same item
      • Clearance or Open box
      • All items purchased during a Live sale
      • Discontinued wigs including Belle Tress
      • Synthetic Hair Accessories (Such as ponytails or POP by Hairdo)
      • Any care or styling products
      • Tools (Including combs & brushes, hot/styling tools etc.)
      • Accessories (including, but not limited to, headbands, jewelry, hair chips, etc.
      • Sample Sale items
      • Toppers & extensions
      • Wig caps & Wig Grips
      • Vivica Fox/Amore Mio
      • Human hair wigs & toppers
      • Mannequins
      • Customized or altered wigs (such as lace or combs being removed, etc.)
    • All approved returns must be received in the condition described in the Return Eligibility guidelines.  If any components are missing or damaged (including the box, tissue paper, tags, etc.), or if the item is not returned in the condition you received it, additional fees will be applied or a refund may not be issued.
    • We inspect all returned items and will make decisions based on return eligibility.  This decision is at our discretion and cannot be appealed. We will contact you with our decision and inform you if fees are being deducted due to the condition, or if the return is found to be ineligible.  If the return is deemed ineligible for a refund, the customer is responsible for the shipping costs.  If you choose not to pay the shipping cost, or do not respond to the return eligibility decision within 30 days of notice, your item will be forfeited and either donated or destroyed (depending on the condition).
    • Please do not return unauthorized returns or items without a Return Authorization as they will not be credited or returned to you.
  • Return Shipping Guidelines
    • Please review the following guidelines for shipping your return.
      • The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Tia Maria Wigs is not responsible for returns lost or damaged.
      • Customers can request a prepaid shipping label to be emailed to them. There is a $15 shipping label fee (per piece) that will be deducted from the store credit.
      • Returns should be shipped to the following address:
Tia Maria Wigs
P.O. Box 170
Edinboro, Pa 16412
      • Items need to be returned in a box, not a bubble mailer. Using the original shipping box is helpful. 
  • Defective Item Policy
    • If you believe your item to be defective, you must complete the Return Request Form located on the tmwigs.com website within 3 calendar days from the delivery date (indicated by the tracking). There will be an option to indicate a defect.  Return Request Forms for defective items will not be accepted after 3 calendar days of delivery.
    • Please note that defects are determined by the manufacturer. Please email to learn more about a specific manufacturer’s defective policy: orders@tmwigs.com
    • Manufacturers require photos of any defective items before returning.
    • All items under the “NOT eligible for returns” list apply to defective returns as well.
    • Shipping costs and taxes are nonrefundable.
    • Defective pieces usually need to be returned to the manufacturer within 20-30 days of purchase. Please complete the Return Request Form within 3 calendar days from the delivery date (indicated by the tracking) for your defective return to be considered.
    • Refunds for defective items are determined by the manufacturer, not Tia Maria Wigs.
  • Defective Item Policy
    • Please review all return eligibility criteria and guidelines to avoid issues with your return. These policies and guidelines are subject to change. Customers are part of the Tia Maria Wigs community, and we want you to be happy with your purchase. Please contact us for any questions or support.