Wig Sizing & Measuring Your Head

Wig Sizing & Measuring Your Head

Wig Sizing & Measuring

Before you have d on the wig you’d like to purchase, there is one vital step that you do not want to skip. Completing this step PRIOR to purchasing a wig will save you time, money, and disappointment.  Before you click “add to cart”, there’s one more important step you need to do ...  Measure your head!!  There’s nothing worse than receiving your wig, only to discover it doesn’t fit properly.  A wig that’s too tight can be very uncomfortable and even cause headaches.  A wig that’s too big can be difficult to secure and can fit in a way that is unflattering and even annoying!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before we go any further, it's important for you to understand that although you may find a wig from a brand that you like and that fits you well, that may not mean that every wig from that company will.  Unfortunately, there can be variations between "lines" in a brand or with older versus newer styles.

Below is a video lesson and guide to measuring your head.  In that video, I will walk you through the steps and demonstrate how to do them with you.  There is another blog post that has great information on this topic, including photos.  You may want to read that over for more information.  Some additional tips that may not be addressed in that blog post include to consider your body frame and the volume of your bio hair to ensure accuracy in size selection.  

Here is a list of the basic wig cap sizes and what they mean.  Many Name Brand Wigs often come in specific sizes, though not every brand or every style will have multiple options available.  Also, please keep in mind that not many Affordable/Beauty Supply Store wigs come in varying cap "sizes" and they do not often include the wig cap size in the provided wig deets.  This is partly due to the customizable nature of those wigs.  Lastly, wig cap size and head measuring charts are very inconsistent and vary across brands and companies.  If you are unsure of a wig cap size accuracy, go to the source by visiting the online retailer that you are purchasing from or the wig manufacturer's own website.  

Wig Sizes Explained

  • Mini/Petite: The circumference and depth are approximately ¼" to ½" smaller than Petite
  • Petite: A cap size which is designed to fit those with small size, heads. Normally about 20″ to 21″ in circumference.
  • Petite/Average: The circumference and depth are approximately ¼" to ½" larger than Petite.
  • True Average: 22.5″ circumference.
  • Average/Large: The circumference and depth are approximately ½" larger than average.
  • Large: A cap size that is designed for those with large size heads. This tends to be 23″ in circumference.

Ok! Time to measure! In the video lesson below, we will measure our heads together.  The exercise begins at timestamp 13:21.

Coach Tip: Create a head measurement sheet and personal brand size tracking sheet for easier purchasing.  


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