Wig Maintenance & Care DO'S

Wig Maintenance & Care DO'S

One of the best things about wearing wigs - specifically synthetic wigs - is that they keep their style and are fairly easy to maintain - as compared to human hair wigs. However, there's still maintenance requirements and they are only "easy" to maintain if you know the steps, tips, and tricks to doing so.  Many people may use the term wig care in lieu of maintenance.  Either way it means the same thing.

One of the most important tips I can give you about wig maintenance is that it is directly tied to the longevity of your wig.  Proper maintenance will keep it looking better and last longer.  Below is a list of synthetic wig do's for maintaining your wig.  

  • Do avoid combing your synthetic wig when it is wet.
  • Do try to use products specifically formulated for synthetic wigs.
  • Do use a synthetic hair comb or brush.  
  • Do treat the wig with care.
  • Do put the wig on a wig head or stand in between uses.  
  • Do not expose it to heat.
  • Do wash your wig regularly without over washing.
  • Do factor in the wig's texture and style when doing maintenance. 


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