My Wig Looks Weird Right Out Of the Packaging! WHY?

My Wig Looks Weird Right Out Of the Packaging! WHY?

It's important to note that due to packaging and shipping, your wig's cap could appear misshapen or it can have "cold set" or "head".  Cold set, also known as box hair or cold crimping, is when your wigs can appear to have bumps, lumps, creases, or crimping in areas due to the synthetic wig taking the shape of the box or package it arrives in.  Some people may also call this a misshapen cap.  Cold set/box hair is not a defect and can be fixed quite easily.  Here are some tips to address cold set, box hair, or misshapen caps. 
  1. Shake out your wig, spritz it wig water, and let it air dry on a wig head or wig stand.  
  2. If the wig is heat safe, you can use a heat tool such as a flat iron, curling wand, or hot comb to address the misshapen cap and/or crimped areas of the hair fibers.  I have a tutorial on that technique. Do not use heat tools such as these on a non heat safe wig.  
  3. You can spot treat by spraying water of the affected areas and use a blow-dryer on low heat to work out the area.  I personally prefer the Revlon Air Kit for this.  Do not keep the heat concentrated in one area for more than a few seconds or you risk burning the wig fibers.
  4. You can use a wig steamer or travel steamer and a wide toothed come to work through the creased areas.  I have two videos demonstrating this HOWEVER, I use the steamer while the wig is on my head. DO NOT DO THAT.  Use a wig head or wig stand so that you don't risk burning yourself. 


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