Welcome to Tia Maria Wigs LIVE SALES!

Welcome to Tia Maria Wigs LIVE SALES!

Hi Live Sale Shoppers!! Welcome to Tia Maria Wigs LIVE SALES!

Tia Maria Wigs is an online synthetic wig boutique that offers varied brands, products, and services! It’s YOUR online wig boutique with an in-person feel! 

If you are new to the Tia Maria Wigs live sales or haven’t purchased recently here is your easy 1,2,3 guide.  Tia Maria Wigs Live Sales are held on Tia Maria’s YouTube channel. Live Sales happen every Friday from 5-7 pm EST, 2 Wednesdays per month from 10:30 am-12 pm, and 1 Saturday per month from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm unless otherwise indicated. Subscribe to the channel and turn all notifications on to be alerted to when we are live.

 Participating in Live Sales with Tia Maria Wigs is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Register
  2. Claim
  3. Pay

Yay! Below are the details of each of the 3 easy steps.

  1. Register

HOW TO REGISTER: You can register for Tia Maria Wigs Live Sales on the homepage of our website or by visiting https://linktr.ee/tiamariawigs.  Please include your YouTube screen name, full name, email, AND shipping address.

  1. Claim

HOW TO CLAIM A WIG DURING THE LIVE SALE: If you want to claim & purchase a wig, you will write in the LIVE chat box.  Be sure you are in the LIVE CHAT BOX so I can see it. If I see your claim, I will verbally acknowledge it. If you do not hear me acknowledge your claim, I either did not see it or someone claimed ahead of you. 

Please claim in all caps so it’s easier for everyone to see during the live sale. Here is an example of how your claim should look:


Please note that you may not be 100% in sync with the live sale based on when you join in and your internet speed. To “catch up” you can refresh the video at any time. 

HOW TO CLAIM A WIG AFTER THE LIVE SALE: Wigs not sold during the live sale will be available to purchase at the live sale price for up to 2 days following the sale.  Please send me a message to purchase wigs after the live sale has aired. Please do not leave claims in the regular comment section of the video as I may not see those immediately.

Side note: Wigs that have intact lace or combs can be removed before shipping. Each service is $5 per wig. Please indicate if you would like comb removal or lace cutting when claiming.

Claims must be paid within 24 hours of receiving the invoice via email or your claim will expire. Invoices come from tia@tiamariawigs.com OR orders@tmwigs.com. Unpaid claims could also result in you not being able to claim again in the future. 


Claiming is an agreement to purchase.  Please do not claim a wig if you aren’t sure. It makes it unfair for those who may have wanted to claim the wig during the live but think it’s gone. Also, many people watch these lives after they originally air and would like to be able to purchase items that are still available. 

Cancelling after the live sale or simply not paying will result in you not being about to participate in the live sales.  If you are not sure about a wig, feel free to contact me after the sale to purchase items that are still available. 

Please refrain from offering items you have claimed to others during the live sale.  If you’d like to gift a wig, please contact me after the sale.

  1. Pay


Invoices will be emailed after the live sale.  Invoices can come from either tia@tiamariawigs.com OR orders@tmwigs.com. We offer many payment options including major credit cards, PayPal, and ShopPay. Your options will be given to you at checkout.  All Sales Are FINAL during live sales. Please ask any questions before purchasing.


At this time, shipping is within US only via USPS or UPS.  Shipping is calculated based on your zip code.  Any order that contains an aerosol product must be shipped USPS Hazardous Ground.  Shipping comes with $100 insurance.  We are not responsible for any lost or damaged packages.  Claims on packages will only be vaild up to the insured amount.  Please contact me if you require

additional insurance. You will receive a tracking number when it is on the way to you. 


Orders for in-stock items will be shipped within 5 days or less of payment (excluding weekends and holidays) unless otherwise stated.  If there is any delay you will receive an email. These processing and fulfillment times do not apply to items that are drop shipped, special ordered, or have additional services including, but not limited to, lace cutting, comb removal, rooting, or any other wig customization or restoration. 

IMPORTANT: My website automatically generates an email to you when I fulfill your order. “Fulfill” does not mean “Shipped”. Fulfill means that your package is packed up and ready to ship.  You will be sent a tracking number via email when your item has been shipped.  Please check your email account for messages on your order and status.   


We are so excited to have you and get ready to have fun! Join the Tia Maria’s Wig Hangout (a drama-free private Facebook group) and share pictures, ask questions, and gain a community.




What are your measurements?

I will judge, as best as I can, the cap size(s) of the wigs based on my head measurements which are below and puts me in the Average or Petite/Average range.


Head Circumference: 21.5” (Petite/Average)

Ear to Ear: 11.75” (Petite) 

Front to Back: 14” (Average)

Hairline to Bottom of Chin: 8.25”


Need to measure your head for a wig? Check out this blog post or this video.


Are live sale wigs new?  

I sell various synthetic wigs, products, and accessories during my live sales.  I am an authorized retailer for brands including, but not limited to, TressAllure, Raquel Welch, Rene of Paris, Noriko, Hairdo, Gabor, Estetica, Belle Tress, Wig Pro, Toni Brattin, Gemtress, Amore, Kim Kimble, HIM, KIDZ, Godefroy, Sepia, Mane Muse, Vivica Fox, Christine Headwear, Ellen Wille, and The Hair Grip. I occasionally sell wigs that I have reviewed on my channel or from my personal wig closet.  If that is the case, it will be clearly indicated.

Live sale wigs are in limited quantities & in many cases I will only have 1.  If I have more than one, I will sell to the number of claimants in line up to that quantity.


How do I know what’s left from the live sale?

I do my best to add a pinned comment and/or a post in the private Facebook group as to what is still available within a day or 2 of the sale.  If you do not see a pinned post, please message me to find out what is still available.  For order inquiries email: order@tmwigs.com (**Please use a detailed subject line). 


How do I know what color the wig is or if it will fit?

Unfortunately, I cannot guarantee fit or color so it’s important to ask questions. I am very helpful with customers to ensure a correct wig choice and purchase. 

Colors can appear different in various lighting AS WELL AS to your naked eye. I do my best to describe and name colors, however they are based on my subjective opinion and may not align with yours.  Moreover, there are no standardized wig color names across brands and manufacturers. 

I cannot guarantee fit as wig fit can be affected by MANY variables including the amount of hair you have, what you are wearing under the wig, your personal head shape and size, the construction of the wig, varying sizing differences across manufacturers, etc.  I can only estimate fit and size, based on my measurements as seen above.


Thank you for watching and shopping the Tia Maria Wigs, LLC Live Sales!    


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