Wearing Wigs For Fun and Fashion by, Linda Hooks

Wearing Wigs For Fun and Fashion by, Linda Hooks

Wearing Wigs For Fun and Fashion by, Linda Hooks

I started wearing wigs in November 2019. My journey is one of choice instead of necessity, because I wear wigs as a fashion accessory.

Let's go back in time.... I have never really liked my hair color, I've always described it as a darker ocean brown/green... quite the image right lol! When I was a teenager, which was the late 70s into the 80s, big beautiful hair was the "in" thing (think Charlie's Angels). So I wanted that beautiful blonde hair and started using a product called Sun In. Seemed easy; dampen your hair, spray this in and blow dry. WELL it certainly lightened my hair with streaks of orange. Now back then fashion colors weren't the rage so I had ash brown hair with clumps of orange streaks everywhere. That started my journey into coloring my hair for the rest of my life. You don't need to be an expert to realize the damage I was doing to my bio hair over the years because I like to change my hair way too often. Here is a selfie from 2019 and you can see how damaged my hair had become...

One day I happened upon one of the TV shopping channels and they were doing a show on wigs, I was intrigued. You're telling me I can change my look as much as I want without damaging my hair!!!! So that's when it started! November 2019 and my first wig was blonde like I always wanted to be.

 After that I started doing some research on YouTube and watched so many videos... I was in awe at all the choices there was. A whole new world has opened up for me. I was like the proverbial kid in a candy shop. Eventually I stumbled upon the channels of people that really impressed me with their style..

Beth's Best Hair was the first one that I watched. She introduced me to Paula Young wigs, and that my friends, is when the addiction started. My first order was over $200 followed quickly by another for a couple hundred more - haha.

This was amazing, everyday I could change my hair. Short, long, straight, curly, blonde, brunette, red .. OMG this is the definition of heaven on Earth!!!! My first Paula Young wig was Gayle and I finally liked a brunette color on me.

Next, I came across Tia on YouTube and my fate was sealed... My addiction to wigs would be a part of my life now. Her videos were so helpful in showing me how to style and choose wigs. It was also how I learned that so many women were dealing with hair loss issues. All of a sudden me simply wanting to change my hair seemed silly to me. Because of that I didn't talk about my love of wearing wigs in online groups at first, because I felt I would be shunned for choosing to cover up my bio hair because i was was vain.

These groups however all had one thing in common. Everyone there had a love for wearing wigs - no matter why you wore them. Now I own so many wigs, most have never even been worn except for a try on when they arrived. What I've learned over the last few years is we would all be surprised at how many women and men wear wigs, even some of our favorite celebrities. So I am living my best wig life now and loving it 💕

Recently I had the joy of being able to donate my bio hair to help make wigs for women. In closing, this is a picture of me sitting in the chair right before I had all my hair cut off and donated - then shaved to a buzz cut. 

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