Advice If You Are NEW to Wearing Wigs by, Laurie Ohall-Meyer

Advice If You Are NEW to Wearing Wigs by, Laurie Ohall-Meyer

Advice If You Are NEW to Wearing Wigs

by, Laurie Ohall-Meyer

If you are new to wearing wigs, you may be concerned about how those around you (family, friends, colleagues) are going to react to your new wigs.  When I first started wearing wigs (around 2009), I would wear ponytail and half wigs.  Most people did not realize that I had a wig on (I got lots of compliments all the time).  The thing about these types of wigs is that you really need to have hair of your own to blend in and you need to find a color that matches close to your natural color.  


As I have discussed in a previous blog post, menopause did a number on my hair.  My hair started thinning out.  I had fine hair to begin with and not a lot of it.  Also, my hairline started receding.  I already had a high forehead, and the receding hairline made me feel very self-conscious.  So, I started exploring the world of wigs.  

If you have ever walked into a regular wig store, they most often have a lot of great styles, but the colors are more for women of color (1B, 2’s) or the texture of the wigs may not fit what you are looking for.  Once I discovered the world of YouTube wig reviews, THAT was a game-changer.  

First off, and I am not saying this because I’m writing this for her blog, I really think that, if you are new to wigs, you should check out Tia’s online class - Wig Wearer Essentials. Even though I know a lot about wigs, when her class came out, I bought it (it is only $99).  There is SO much useful information in there! I promise you – if you are new to wigs, this information will save you countless hours (of doing the research yourself) and a LOT of money (making mistakes and buying the wrong wigs or the wrong products for your wigs).  Listen, wigs are a big investment.  Yes, you can get less expensive ones, but once you buy a “name brand wig” (NBW), you will be hooked on the higher quality, the ability to (in many cases) just put it on and go, and you will want to make sure you take care of your investment.  

Secondly, I definitely recommend you check out one of Tia’s “Live” sales! Tia holds them every Thursday from 5-7 pm EST and some Saturdays from 11:30 am-1:30 pm EST.  I really do not know anyone in YouTube land who does their live sales the way she does.  She tries them on for you during the sale.  She answers any questions you have about them during the sale.  And she makes it so easy to “claim” a wig during the sale.  She even sends you an invoice and gives you 24 hours to pay it.  Best of all, she gets the wigs out in the mail, usually within one to two days of her sales (I don’t even know of NBW companies who get them out that fast).  The reason I think buying a wig during one of Tia’s live sales is such a good idea, is because she sells a variety of wigs at various price points. It will give you a chance to buy something that you may not have thought of based on the stock pictures and quite possibly, get hooked on wigs! 

Lastly, if you are new to wigs, I most definitely recommend checking out Tia’s private Facebook group – “Tia Maria’s Wig Hangout”.  There are lots of women in there – some new to wigs, some who’ve been wearing them awhile.  They are so supportive, will answer any question you have, and will make you feel so beautiful (when you start posting pictures of the new wig you are wearing).  I love them all!

I know this sounds like a plug for Tia Maria Wigs (can you tell that I LOVE her???), but there is a reason she calls herself a wig coach.  She has great videos which provide lots of wonderful information for those who are new to wigs and she does it like no other!  I guess I should have named this blog post, “Tia Maria Wig advice”….lol.  

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