Wig Shopping Questionnaire by, Tia Maria

Wig Shopping Questionnaire by, Tia Maria

Wig Shopping Questionnaire

by, Tia Maria 

Over the years I have worked with many people and wig clients. Many of those clients were in need of help to find their perfect wig among the VAST wig options available.  In order to help narrow down what my client is looking for, I created a wig information and questionnaire sheet. Many elements go into buying a wig, and I want you to avoid some common wig-buying mistakes.

When someone comes to me asking for help, this questionnaire allows me to determine what they are looking for, what their likes and dislikes are, price points, etc.  Whether you are working with a wig coach like myself or just shopping on your own, I hope this document helps you on your wig journey and narrowing down your wig purchases.  If you would support finding the right wig for you, please complete this questionnaire and connect me at orders@tmwigs.com.  HAPPY WIG SHOPPING!!   


Wig Shopping Client Information & Survey

All About You

  • Natural/bio hair color:
  • Natural Eye color: 
  • Natural Hair texture: 
  • Will you need to accommodate hair under your wig?:
  • If yes, please describe (Length, thickness, etc.): 
  •  Do you plan to wear a wig cap, wig liner, or both? If yes, please indicate which one(s):
  • Describe skin tone/color: (*For wig coaching please provide a current photo for reference)
  • Skin undertone: Cool/ Warm /Neutral /Not Sure      
  • What is your face shape? Round/ Heart/ Oval/ Square/ Diamond/ Oblong/   Not sure      

  • Do you know or have a cap size preference: Petite/ Average/ Large/ Not sure/ I don’t usually wear wigs that have specific sizes
  •  Head Measurements: If you need help taking your measurements, here is a tutorial: 
Ear to Ear: 
Front to Back:
  • Do you get headaches?
  • Do you have a sensitive scalp? 
  • Are you sensitive to overheating?

  • What is the price range you are willing to spend on a wig?
  • What is your reason(s) for choosing a wig? 
  • What is your time frame for this wig purchase?
  • Is there a specific event you are seeking a wig for? 
  • If yes, please describe the event. (Consider details such as if it’s indoor/outdoor, temperature, time of year, specific outfit, etc.)
  •  What would you like to achieve wearing a wig? (Choose all that apply):
    1. Protective Styling
    2. Ensure “good” hair days
    3. For fun
    4. Look “myself” again
    5. To try a different look
    6. Express myself
    7. Hair replacement
    8. Self-confidence  
    9. Short-term Hair Loss Solution
    10. Long-term Hair Loss Solution  
  •  How active do you plan to be in your wig(s)?
    1. Basic activity
    2. Sometimes active
    3. Very activity 

Let’s Explore Your Wig Preferences

  • What hair/fiber(s) types are you interested in?
    1. Synthetic
    2. Human Hair Blends
    3. Human Hair
    4. No preference

  • Are you ok with gluing wigs down? 
  • How often do you plan to wear your wig?
    1. Daily
    2. Off & on throughout the week
    3. Occasionally
    4. One-time event 
    5. Not sure 
  • On a scale from 1 – 10 (1= Not at all; 10 = Completely) how comfortable are you putting on a wig?
  • On a scale from 1 – 10 (1= Not at all; 10 = Completely) how comfortable are you with wearing a wig in public?
  • What type(s) of hair replacement are you interested in? (Choose all that apply):
    1. Toppers
    2. Falls
    3. Half wigs
    4. Headband wigs
    5. Full wig
    6. Extensions
    7. Clip on ponytails
    8. Clip on bangs
    9. U-part wig
    10. Oval wig
    11. Drawstring
    12. Synthetic hair accessories (various clip-ons, etc.)
  • Do you have a wig brand preference? (Choose all that apply):
    1. Name Brand wig
    2. Affordable/Beauty supply store wig
    3. No preference 

Current wig brands that are carried by Tia Maria Wigs are listed below. Please check the website for updates on available brands.  

    1. Vivica Fox
    2. Rene of Paris
    3. Estetica  
    4. Raquel Welch
    5. Noriko
    6. Gabor
    7. Ellen Wille
    8. Amore
    9. Hairdo
    10. Tressallure
    11. Toni Brattin
    12. Alexander Couture
    13. Orchid Collection
    14. Amore Mio
    15. Gemtress
  • Wig cap construction preferences - (Choose all that apply):
    1. Open/Wefted
    2. Mesh
    3. Stretchable mesh
    4. Silk-lined
    5. Traditional/basic
    6. Silicone lined
    7. Drawstring
    8. No preference  
    9. Not sure 
  •  Wig features and finishes that you are interested in - (Choose all that apply):
    1. Lace front
    2. Monofilament top
    3. Monofilament crown
    4. Full cap wig          
    5. Silk top
    6. Velcro adjusters
    7. Monofilament parting      
    8. Heat-friendly/Heat defiant                        
    9. No combs
    10. Hand-tied      
    11. HD Lace            
    12. Permatease/Filler fibers
    13. Baby hair  
    14. Elastic band
    15. Pre-plucked
    16. Full lace      
    17. Clips
    18. Combs
    19. Glueless
    20. Swiss lace      
    21. French (hard) lace
    22. Bangs/Fringe
    23. Bendable ear tabs      
    24. Skin top parting
    25. Shiftable part/No ear tabs       
    26. Defined part
    27. Bleached knots/Invisible knots    
    28. Extended nape 
    29. Silicone lined
    30. Multi-directional/cross parting Heat Defiant Synthetic fibers
    31. “Free” parting (extended lace areas for customization)    
    32. Other

 Need more info: 

  • Do you have time and/or the desire to style a wig or do you need something that you can kind of just like put on?
  • Do you plan to accessorize, style, or p the wig in an undo? 
  • What are your hairstyle preferences? (*For wig coaching please provide 1-5 photos or celebrity examples to reference).
  • Do you want the wig to mimic your bio-hair texture and color?
  • What length(s) are you interested?
    1. Pixie
    2. Short  
    3. Bob        
    4. Lob      
    5. Mid-length (Shoulder or just below)
    6. Long (20 in.+)        
    7. Extra Long (25 in.+)
  • What textures(s) are you interested? (Choose all that apply):
    1. Silky
    2. Kinky   
    3. Kinky Straight      
    4. Wavy      
    5. Light Yaki (Lightly textured) 
    6. Silk press  
    7. Natural relaxed          
    8. Yaki    
    9. Water wave
    10. Body wave      
    11. Crimped    
    12. Deep wave       
    13. Curly     
    14. Sleek & straight
    15. Kinky curly      
    16. Textured waves   
    17. Braided  
    18. Kanekalon  
    19. Other


  • What density would you prefer - aka. Thickness/volume? (Choose all that apply):
    1. Thin/Light          
    2. Natural/Light-medium
    3. Medium    
    4. Full/Medium-Heavy          
    5. Thick/Heavy  
    6. Not sure      
    7. No preference 
  • Do you have preferences when it comes to color?
  • Do you want to have the option for various styling options?  

WOW! That's a lot! Wigs can be such a wonderful addition to your life once you narrow down what you are really looking for.  I believe one of the most difficult parts of the wig-wearing journey is also one of the most wonderful elements...all the choices and options. I hope that this helps you make those choices a bit more accessible. 

If you would like to inquire about wig coaching or would like some help choosing a wig once you have gone through this questionnaire, email us at orders@tmwigs.com. Check out all Tia Maria Wigs has to offer: https://linktr.ee/tiamariawigs

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